What does your van say about you?

Andrew Newbound

By: Andrew Newbound

Does the appearance of your van matter?

When choosing a new supplier for your business, or a professional tradesman to help deliver a project at home, is price your only deciding factor? Like most people, you’ll consider a number of other important elements too, including reputation, marketing and the company’s image. This includes the condition of their vehicle.

Think about it. Who would you rather do work on your home; a well presented builder who arrives in a modern, undamaged and fully liveried vehicle? Or a tradesman who turns up in an older vehicle that clearly hasn’t been cleaned regularly and has a collection of bumps, scrapes and scratches?


In a recent study, 44% of the general public thought that a van in good condition reflected the quality of the company’s work. Additionally, further research indicated that two-thirds of consumers decide to employ a tradesman based at least partly on the condition of their vehicle. Yet despite this, only 37% of van drivers thought their van’s appearance impacted on levels of business.

If such a large proportion of potential customers judge you on the appearance of your vehicle, it’s probably a good idea to make sure your van is the best advertisement for your business as possible. A van that is old and dirty could easily create negative perception. And any damage might suggest that if the company doesn’t care about its vehicles, it probably won’t care about its work. Rightly or wrongly, this is how many customers think; especially members of the public.


Of course, there’s an obvious economic argument for holding onto older vans. The vehicle might be fully paid for, so the only impact on your finances is ongoing servicing and maintenance. However, are those savings enough to compensate for the business opportunities you might lose as a result of driving a less attractive vehicle?

So, whether you’re aware of it or not, the appearance, condition and even age of your van could be a key factor in the success of your business. It could be worth taking a look at your van through the eyes of your customers and asking yourself the question – what does your van say about you?