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Vanworld's guide to funding your next van

Choosing a new van is a major decision and so is deciding how to finance it. To help make the choices clear, we’ve taken a look at the major financing options available. We explain how they work, explore all the benefits, and even discuss the potential drawbacks to each option.

Speed cameras are getting smarter

Until now, speed cameras have been unable to differentiate between vehicle types. As a consequence, van drivers have able to break the law by driving at the same speed as cars and get away without punishment. Those days could soon be over.

Check out the CV Show 2017. Birmingham, April 25, 26 & 27

For anyone with even a passing interest in vans and commercial vehicles, there’s only one place to be this April – the annual CV Show at the NEC, Birmingham

How to find the right van for the job

Select the right van and you’ve got a productive asset that works in harmony with you and your business. Equally, choose the wrong vehicle and you’ll likely find yourself fighting with frustration most days.

Self-driving van - the end of the driver?

By the middle of the next decade, truck and van drivers could be reduced to mere passengers on the main stretch of any delivery. Here, we take a look at the seemingly unstoppable evolution of the self-driving van and what it might mean in the future for Britain’s hard-working van drivers.

What does your van say about you?

Who would you rather do work on your home? A well presented builder who arrives in a modern, undamaged and fully liveried vehicle? Or a tradesman who turns up in an older vehicle hosting an unsightly collection of bumps, scrapes and scratches?

Could you be heading towards prison?

UK law permits van drivers to ‘work’ a total of only 11 hours each day. This includes time spent behind the wheel and also time out of your van. EU laws are even stricter. To help keep you on the right side of the law, we’ve taken a look at how these laws work and what they mean for UK van drivers.

Has diesel finally had its day?

If the rest of Britain follows the example of The City of London Corporation, the death knell of the diesel vehicle could be about to sound. The public authority has recently issued a ban on leasing or buying new diesel vehicles. Despite this, not everyone supports the innitiative…

Your Vanworld guide to everything LCV

Selecting your ideal van takes time and research and many of the different LCV terms and expressions can leave you bamboozled or befuddled. So to help you tell your payload capacity from your maximum load length, we’ve created the definitive Vanworld guide to all things LCV. Let us know if we’ve missed anything.

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