The benefits of Business Contract Purchase

When considering the pros and cons of buying a new van, depreciation can often be a significant factor. Ideally, you’d prefer not to have a reducing asset sitting on your balance sheet. However, Vanworld Contract Purchase can make this depreciation work in your favour - helping you keep your monthly repayments low and providing an affordable way to get behind the wheel.


  • Once you’ve chosen your new van, you’ll be asked to specify your expected annual mileage
  • This figure will then be used to work out what the van will be worth at the end of the agreement
  • This is called the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV)
  • The difference between the cost price and this GMFV is actually what’s financed, helping to keep your monthly repayments low
  • You can own the van at the end of the agreement by paying the GMFV
  • Alternatively, you can part exchange and finance another new van, or simply hand it back

Financial disclosure

Finance subject to status guarantee and indemnities maybe required. Finance available to 18 years and above.