Internal racking - neat, safe and secure

Carrying loose equipment, tools, parts or materials in the back of your van is a risky business. If not properly secured, your cargo can easily get damaged or even damage your van, and repair or replacement can be very costly. As a solution, many drivers fit internal racking to the interior of their vans. It’s neat, easy to install and relatively inexpensive. Yet the benefits are huge.

Internal racking helps you store everything safely. It also helps you stay organised, so there’s no more wasting time trying to find the tool or item you need – with racking you’ll know exactly where everything is. What’s more, racking looks great, giving your customers and colleagues confidence that you’re an efficient and organised professional.

Vanworld stocks a wide range of internal van racking, suitable for all makes and models. You can choose from pre-configured kits or customise your own solution. We also provide a full fitting service. To find out more, ask us about van racking today.


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