The benefits of van ply lining

Your van is a considerable investment for you and your business. It’s only natural that you’ll want to keep it in the best possible condition, both externally and internally. To help, we provide a full range of ply lining materials, kits and fitting services. But what is ply lining?

Open the doors to your new or used van and you’ll see a bare metal cargo hold with little or no protection. If your business involves transporting heavy goods or tools, this internal area can easily suffer scrapes, scratches bumps and dents. If this isn’t addressed, the outside of your van will show this wear and tear in no time at all. You could also find that your cargo or tools get damaged too.

The ideal way to prevent damage

Ply lining helps to prevent this from occurring. Using quality woods and materials, ply lining protects the inside shell of your van, including the doors, helping to absorb those knocks and scrapes and also preventing damage to the external shell. Additionally, you can install handy ply lining shelving and storage areas to keep the inside of your van ordered and neat.

Ply lining is simple to install, looks great and is affordable too. To find out more, ask us about ply lining today.


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